Securely share web pages such as news articles and
include custom text/HTML within their content

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STEP 1: Find a Web Page to Share

Choose a trending story from one of the 42 provided news sources or pick any other web page which you'd like to make available to anyone, regardless of your intended visitors' internet usage restrictions.

STEP 2: Create a Magick Link

You have the option to display your own text/HTML inside a banner on the page you're sharing. You can choose its position and colour and add a linked button. You can also set a unique alias for your main link (i.e.

STEP 3: Share It with the World

The meta data of the shared page is fully retained, so when you post it on social media, it will display the page's title, image and description as it would if you posted its regular URL.

It's Like MAGICK

Your custom banner is displayed directly on the web page that you're sharing

Bypass censorship

Anyone in the world can view the content you share, even if it's blocked by the viewers' government, work, school, etc.

Add custom text/HTML

Every time you build a Magick link, you have the option to include your own content inside an eye-catching banner.

Earn money

Engage in affiliate marketing or advertise your own products. Magick.Link is a great way to get targeted views for your ads.

Provide anonymity

All Magick.Link-generated pages have their scripts, forms, cookies and popups disabled to suppress visitor tracking.

View trending content

You can browse top news stories from dozens of reputable sources without leaving Magick.Link's user panel.

Track performance

Each link keeps track of its page views, banner clicks, click-through rate, referrer URLs and visitors' countries.

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It Works on Any Device

Magick.Link's interface is fully responsive and feels like a native app

Share via QR codes

In addition to the shortened URL, each link you build will have a scannable barcode which can be read by smartphones.

Promote mobile offers

Since Magick.Link is fully responsive, it makes it a perfect platform for mobile-only CPA/CPL marketing.

Build links on the go

The interface for building Magick links elegantly scales down to fit your device's screen, so you could do it anytime.

Reduce cost

Since unnecessary content (such as ads) is stripped from the pages you share, viewing them is cheaper for 3G/4G users.

It's Evolving

New advanced features are added regularly

We plan to continuously improve Magick.Link until we're left with a truly ingenious tool that uses big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence not only to provide complete anonymity and bypass censorship, but also to suggest what content to share, where to share it and what affiliate offer to include, so you could easily turn a profit.

Our goal is to minimise user involvement and let the machine do most of the decision making. Until that is implemented, we provide a complementary monetisation guide to help you start earning right away.


It Can Make You Money

Magick.Link gives you an excellent chance to start earning from home without significant investments of time or cash


Our complementary training course was designed to take you from a complete internet marketing novice to a confident entrepreneur who is capable of earning a full-time income online. Many people have made fortunes from affiliate advertising, and this guide gives you an opportunity to join their ranks.

Topics covered:

  • Affiliate marketing basics
  • How to select your niche or audience
  • How to decide what web pages to share
  • Where to find affiliate products to promote
  • Where to share your Magick links
  • How to come up with your own marketing angles
  • How to earn a full-time income with Magik.Link and affiliate marketing

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