We plan to keep adding new features until Magick.Link develops super-intelligence and requires only minimal human input to operate

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Innovative Advertising Platform

Earn affiliate commissions or promote your own products by displaying custom ads on the pages you share

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42 content sources

Pick an article to share by viewing trending stories from well-known news outlets such as Reuters, Business Insider, CNN, BuzzFeed and many more

100% custom sales funnels

Only you decide what page to share, what ad to display on it and where to post the link – you retain full control of your sales funnel

Smart interface

Build links in seconds, whether you're on a laptop or smartphone – our solution is mobile-responsive and extremely easy to use

Continuous improvement

We add new features regularly while keeping our ultimate goal in mind: to make Magick.Link smart, so you have to work even less to make money

Intelligent Link Builder

Build and customise links with ease

URL shortening

Links that you create with Magick.Link are short, pretty and customisable

Banner styling

Choose from 3 banner positions (top, bottom and floating) and 6 attention-grabbing colours

Custom text/HTML

Use the banner to include your own message, whether it's an ad, a link to your site or anything else

Call-to-action button

Optionally add a button to your banner – you can set its anchor text and URL as you build your link

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Intuitive Control Panel

Manage your links with a user-friendly interface

Link management

Browse, edit, delete, activate and deactivate links from the provided user panel

Detailed stats

Clicks, views, CTR, referrers, visitors' countries are all tracked for each of your links

Video tutorials

Even though Magick.Link is incredibly easy to use, we provide easy-to-follow video instructions

Friendly support

Should anything break or not work as expected, our support staff are only a ticket away

Full Device Awareness

Magick.Link *knows* what device it's being viewed on and adjusts its page layouts accordingly


Value for Everyone

In addition to being valuable to its direct members, Magick.Link benefits the following parties:

Product owners

By providing their affiliates with an excellent platform for creating marketing angles and placing ads in front of a targeted audience

Content viewers

By protecting their privacy, improving user experience, providing security (with HTTPS) and making potentially restricted content accessible

Content providers

By giving internet users a financial incentive to share articles, which in turn boosts their overall traffic and builds backlinks

Future Updates

We aim to continuously improve user experience and increase automation to make your workflow as efficient as possible

Call-to-action builder

Design custom CTA boxes directly inside the app and paste them as HTML when building links

More tracking options

View tables, charts, diagrammes and maps to visualise the performance of your links

Landing page builder

Build basic HTML pages without code and use them as sharable content for your Magick links

Payment link generator

Quickly build payment links and buttons for PayPal, Skrill and CoinPayments

A/B testing for everything

Select criteria to test (such as banner colour) and set up experiments from your user panel

Intelligent content discovery

Let Magick.Link find viral content to share by analysing social media posts and other data

Content analysis

Automatically analyse and summarise content, so you don't have to always read it before sharing

Traffic source suggestions

Let Magick.Link figure out the best place to share your page by using big data and machine learning

Affiliate product search

Search multiple affiliate platforms for top offers and get your ad code/links in seconds

Affiliate offer suggestions

Tell Magick.Link where you want to share your page and receive an affiliate offer suggestion

Social integration

Integrate Magick.Link with your social media accounts and streamline content sharing

Cap on the number of users

We plan to limit the total number of paid members to prevent market saturation for our existing users

Complete automation

Enter the amount of money you want to make today and hit enter. Let Magick.Link take care of the rest.

Be Part of Something Great

Our final goal is to create an algorithm that suggests which affiliate ad to place on which page and where to post the link for maximum profitability. By joining Magick.Link, you bring this ambitious idea closer to reality and get a chance to influence its development process.

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