New Tool Enables ANYONE to Profit by Sharing News and Other Content

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FACT: More than 90% of those who try to earn an income on the internet fail

Why do most people fail?

While many expert marketers will tell you that in order to succeed online you have to be both smart and hardworking, most of them will not disclose one factor that could help even a dim and lazy person break through: being opportunistic.

There are many examples of those who obtained a massive amount wealth not because they were extraordinary geniuses who worked non-stop, but because they could do the right thing at the right time. Now, how can you do the same?

The US is experiencing an unprecedented spike in the news consumption. People who've never cared about politics are now hungry to learn the next development. So we've built a tool that lets you make money by sharing news or any published content.

You'll need:

  • No setup
  • No websites to build
  • No SEO
  • No product creation
  • No email list
  • No services to provide or resell
  • No loopholes or scams
  • No unaffordable investments
  • No full-time commitment
  • No design/programming/writing
As a matter of fact...


1. How to copy

2. How to paste



Your Secret Weapon for Turning Online Content into CASH


It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Feed any regular URL (such as http://wikipedia.org) into Magick.Link and get back a money link that displays your own banner, with your own ad directly on the destination page.

For instance, if you're sharing a link to a news article, your ad will be displayed on top of the news site's content. The 3-step process is explained in the screenshots below:

Step 1: Find a Web Page to Share

Step 2: Create a Money Link

Step 3: Share and Profit

Magick Links Act as Click Magnets on Facebook, Twitter and Other Networks

Your Traffic Lands on a Regular News Page, Your Ad Is the Most Prominent Element

Sit Back and Watch the Stats
As Clicks Accumulate

It's Great for Both Your Own
And Affiliate Products

Make Hundreds of Links And
Spread Them All Over the Web

But don't worry, you're not hacking anyone. This functionality is made possible by the use of the current web technologies which allow you to embed one site into another.

Very little work is required on your part. Much of what you do with Magick.Link is what you probably do already: finding exciting content and sharing it with those who you know would appreciate it.

And even if you have no clue what to share or who to share it with, we've got you covered. Keep reading to find out how we guide even the most inexperienced marketers to the doors of unlimited online success.

Make the Internet
Your Main Source of Income

With Magick Link, You Can...

Turn a regular link into a money link

Every bit of content you share online is leveraged to earn high-ticket commissions.

Embed ads or custom content into any page

Offer the right product to the right audience, benefiting all of the parties involved.

View top news from dozens of sources

You can do that directly from the app saving you time you’d otherwise spend searching for trending content.

Track link performance

See what works and what doesn’t, and adjust your sharing efforts for maximum conversions.

Reach laser-targeted traffic

You’re sharing content, not just ads, and your audience knows the difference.

Work efficiently

We have designed the interface to require no tutorials to get started with. Simply login and start using the tool.

Shorten links and make them secure

Keep your links pretty and descriptive, for example: magick.link/to/HotNews. All Magick.Link content is served via HTTPS, protecting your visitors from fraud.

Get human support

Should anything go wrong, our support are always there to resolve whatever technical difficulties you may face.

Follow the evolution

We plan to continuously improve the tool by adding new features and perfecting your user experience.

Start earning a full-time income online

We created Magick.Link to help you achieve that goal. Become another success story.


Not sure how to pick content, where to share links or how to select offers?

We took care of that.

Magick.Link comes with a complementary guide that outlines effective techniques to generate sales, whether you're selling affiliate products or your own. The provided information will empower you to start profiting from our tool shortly after you become a member.

Screen image

Our free guide will teach you:

  1. How to choose your market and understand exactly what they need/want, so you could present the right content with the right offer to a hungry buyer audience.

  2. How to find content that your audience cannot help but click on, so that your links get maximum possible click-through rates every time you share them.

  3. Where to find high-ticket affiliate offers (including CPA/CPL) that pay out $50+, so you don't spend much time nickel-and-diming and get straight to earning the big buck.

  4. Where to find tons of free/cheap targeted traffic to expose your links to, so you don't have to spend a fortune on paid traffic or be limited by your click budget.

  5. How to come up with winning content-offer-traffic combos, so your ads convert at mind-blowing rates and make the dream of earning four figures a month a reality.

  6. How to make money with minimal action, so you could spend time with your family, go travelling, learn a new skill, attend a college, write a book, pick up a hobby or do anything else you've always wanted to do but had no time for.

Learn from the Successful

The creators of Magick.Link are full-time online entrereneurs, developers and designers.
We have been on the market for 5+ years and know all the ins and outs of internet marketing, developing amazing products and training others how to succeed online.

Both Professionals and Amateurs
Benefit from Magick.Link

It's used by:

  • Social media addicts
  • YouTubers
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • E-store owners
  • Local service providers
  • Website flippers
  • Online entrepreneurs of many kinds

Words from Our Beta Testers


Let me ask you…

Do you want to spend thousands of labour hours writing your own articles, or do you want to bank on viral content that is already there?

Do you want to be stuck doing SEO for months/years only to get slapped by another Google update, or do you want run a business that does not depend on search engines and other external factors?

Do you want to beg people to join your email list, or do you want to reach a highly targeted audience in any niche and have them subscribe at the rate of 20% - 40%?

Do you want to pay hundreds of dollars for traffic that barely converts, or do you want to leverage free or cheap traffic that is predisposed to be interested in your offers and capable of generating three figures per day in commissions?

And finally:

Do you want to keep making little to no money online, or do you want to secure a reliable, full-time income, ridding yourself of the need for conventional employment once and for all?

Like any reasonable person, we're sure you want to minimise your efforts and maximise your profits. And we built this tool exactly for that.

Make Money Fast

Magick.Link was designed to earn you your first money online in the matter of hours or days, not weeks or months. Simply become a member and share some great content. It shouldn't take long before you start receiving your first commission payouts from product owners. It feels truly amazing to start your day by going through your inbox and seeing hundreds of commission notifications from the sales you made at night.

Build a Real Online Business

Not only do we empower you to raise revenue pretty much on demand, we also provide a solution to create a solid passive income for the long term. Once your links have been strategically placed (and we'll show you how and where), you can keep making money from them for months to come while doing literally nothing.

Forget the Stress

Unlike most solutions out there, Magick.Link doesn't require you to build any websites or create any content. All you do is copy and paste. Sure, you have to know what offer to include with which content, but we cover all of that in great detail in our complimentary guide. Learn from the best, put the knowledge into practice and start making money. It really is that simple.

Magick.Link Is the Ultimate Solution To Earning A Full-time Income Online in 2017


The price will go up as we add new features. Subscribe now and guarantee yourself a low rate.

  • Unlimited sharing
  • Monetisation guide
  • Link builder
  • Link management
  • Click/view stats
  • Affiliate tools
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Option to buy more links
  • Option to use a custom domain (extra cost)
  • Free support
  • More features are coming


  • Billed monthly
  • Up to 500 links
Magick Link (Monthly Package)Get Started


  • Billed annually
  • Up to 750 links
Magick Link (Annual Package)Get Started

Take NO Risks, Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

We are so sure that you'll be blown away by the power of Magick.Link, that we have no problem offering a full refund, if it is requested within 14 days of your purchase. We want you to try our product completely risk-free so you could see its incredible potential to generate income.

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